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Past Life Card Reveal

(Quoted from the Past Lives deck of Doreen Virtue and Brain L. Weiss)

  1.  Celtic
    • You drew this card because you had a significant past lifetime in Celtic Lands, and you continue to feel bonded to this culture. Perhaps you’ve lived in or visited the isles of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or England. If so, you may have a sense of déjà vu and be an Anglophile. You’re also fascinated with Stonehenge and Kind Arthur’s Camelot.
    • You may have learned the “Old Religion” of the Celtic lands, which involved the use of healing herbs and gaining wisdom from oak trees. You could even be an ancient Druid in disguise! Your connection to the elemental realm has made you love fairies, elves, and all fae. You also respect and love trees, especially oaks and willows.
    • If you haven’t already done so, schedule some visits to the ancient sacred areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Exploring their stone circles, castles, and spiritual artefacts may trigger additional healing memories.
    • One Celtic
  2. Wisdom
    • This card indicates that you have tremendous wisdom and knowledge from prior lifetimes that seek to resurface now. Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as particularly wise, this card indicates that you learned important lessons and information that will serve you and others if it’s reawakened now.
    • This card can indicate that it’s time for you to return to school, or seek additional education of some sort. This may even be a sign that you’re changing your career path. Your re-emerging knowledge is guiding you toward that is more meaningful. This card asks you to believe in yourself, and know that you have what it takes to tackle a career related to your true interest and passions.
    •  Two Wisdom
  3. Persecution and Inquisition
    • You drew this card as validation of your suspicions: you were accused of witchcraft, being a heathen, or other “crimes” in the past. You suffered greatly as a result of the ensuing persecution, and the fear has carried forward into this life. In the past, your character and behaviours were examined publicly, and you were blamed for crop failures and deaths that had nothing to do with you. Your neighbours and the government said that you were casting spells, which was a capital offense.
    • In Reality, you were a good-hearted person who had the ability to see into the future, and to use energy for healing purposes. That lifetime has made you very sensitive to gossip and rumours. If someone falsely accuses you now, you become fearful and upset, because that’s the behaviour that led to your painful death in previous lives.
    • You may still also be afraid to openly admit that you’re still a talented healer and psychic. Unconsciously, you’re keeping your spiritual skills a secret to avoid re-creating the pain of the past.
    • To heal from this, know that in this current lifetime, spiritual teachers and healers are revered instead of feared. You agreed to incarnate at this time because your hard-won knowledge of previous lifetimes is need in this world. And the fact that you’re back on Earth shows you that no one can harm you permanently, or prevent you from following your spiritual path.
    • Three persecution
  4. Love Life
    • This card comes to you as an indication that your love life is affected by one or more precious lifetimes. Most likely, you had a painful experience back then that has caused you to be overly cautious. In such cases, working on yourself can help you reopen your beautifu, loving heart. In that way, you can love and be loved again.
    • It’s also likely that this card comes to you as validation that the man or woman you’re romantically interested in was also a prominent person in your past life. This individual may not necessarily have been a romantic partner at that time, but your inclination to connect romantically in this is definitely part of a greater plan.
    • Four Love Life
  5. Lessons and Blessings
    • You drew this card as a sign that the situation you’re currently experiencing is a result of prior lifetimes. This card means that you learned important lessons, which are bringing blessings to your present lifetime. Congratulations! You mastered how to turn painful events and memories into growth experiences. You can apply the same strength to every area of your life.
    • Five Lessons

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